Company Profile

Who we are, What we do...

Company Profile


Founded in 2016

Our vision sets out to improve people’s lifestyle through technology and innovative products and services.



Introducing technology and innovative products and services


Increasing the efficiency and user experience in mobile communications


Deeper consumer behavioral analytics built upon a comprehensive sets of high-quality and relevant mobile user data

  • Telecommunication Product & Services via 'Pigeonholes Integrated System'
  • SMS & MMS Services
  • Value Added Products
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS) Platform
  • Big Data Insights via 'Sapientus'



Who we are, What we do...

Our Strengths


Over 18 years of average industry tenure spanning key markets in the US, China and APAC.

Existing and developing Strategic partnerships with the largest Chinese telecommunication giants offer us access to comprehensive and unbiased telco data on a real-time, unimpeded basis, covering massive population

We transform and integrate Telco data with our proprietary collection of external contextual-based auxiliary data and public information, our algorithm is capable of generating key behavioral measures catered specifically for insurance industry applications, and beyond, in an unprecedented manner.



Establishing strategic partnerships with leading reinsurers further strengthens our joint capabilities in data integration, risk insights extraction and proprietary risk assessment algorithm.

Connecting with various FingerMotion business units to contextualize insurance platform enables cross-business data acquisition, insights optimization and lead generation, resulting in more effective and efficient capitalization and delivery.