Dragon Samurai

HACK and SLAY Your Way!

Lead your crew into a grand battle of pirates, monsters and players from around the globe in the most addicting, interactive strategy game! Assemble your heroes, power up your crew and anchor your warships away! While you’re at it, start your tactical naval warfare, take over hundreds of islands and discover hidden loots along the sail!

Choose A Persona

►Vanguard – Vanquish foes with might and brute force
►Rogue – Dance your way with blades bringing enemies to their demise
►Samurai – Hacks and slash through formidable stronghold
►Seer – Control the forces of nature to sweep detractors

The Quest for Greatness

Conquer dungeons and instances, eliminates bosses, unearth mysterious artifacts and discover the uncharted. Ace the rankings and prove that you’re the finest in the land.

Your Faith is in your Hands

Explore and unlock countless ways of boosting your battle power.

Established Strong Alliance

Gather your guildmates and team up to overthrow fierce adversaries.