Press Release

Finger Motion Inc. announces collaboration with Cubinet Interactive and simultaneously launches the expansion for "Love Dance - Always & Forever" ( a casual rhythm dancing game that focuses in Music, Dancing, Fashion and Social Networking)

HONG KONG, Dec. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Finger Motion Inc. (OTC Markets:FNGR) (“Finger Motion” or “The Company”) is pleased to announce the launch of "Love Dance", its first Mobile Casual Game. Both Android and iOS versions of the game can now be downloaded free.

Cubinet Interactive Sdn., Bhd., together with Finger Motion Inc., two of the fastest growing Mobile App Gaming Publishers in the Global Market, has signed an agreement to take over the top of the line Social and Rhythm dancing game, "Love Dance Mobile". This collaboration has potential to license more worldwide rights for Love Dance Mobile than previously - with more than 800,000 downloads on both platforms, in beta stage, the two companies believe that the scale for the official launch will eclipse the beta stage downloads.

'Love Dance Mobile' launched in Southeast Asia in September 2015 through Cubinet and since then has a strong presence among gaming and music enthusiasts. With Finger Motion securing the English worldwide rights and additional languages, they and Cubinet are able to bring the game to a much greater audience worldwide. Finger Motion is responsible for: Russian, German, Portugese, Spanish, Korean and Arabic languages. These languages cover a huge gaming market population which gives Finger Motion additional markets for increasing the current market of Love Dance Mobile. These language launches are scheduled for 2018.

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