Press Release

FingerMotion, Inc. aims to achieve our objectives by bringing together popular IPs with the best talents in digital assets creation, publishers, and media houses.

Michael T. Brigante submitted his resignation from all executive officer positions with the Company, including Chief Executive Officer and President, effective immediately. In addition, each of C. Thomas McMillen and Michael T. Brigante submitted his resignation as members of the Board.  On this date, Mr Wong H’sien Loong was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and  Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect.

Mr Wong started his career in investor relations in technology, biotechnology, mining and oil and gas. He has extensive experience in running a public company. In particular, he was also CEO of Nexgen Petroleum Corp, an oil and gas drilling in Tennessee USA. Since 2008, he established a career in Singapore primarily in Real Estate and logistics. He is currently a director of a commercial property valued at $600 million. He also currently serves as director to Food Bank Singapore, a registered charity. Mr Wong received his BA (Hons) in Communications from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia and his MSc in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore.