Our Business

Broadly defined

Into three specific business areas relating to


IP creation of gaming and media related contents for global consumers IP Licensing and Aggregation Source, acquire or license popular IP related to entertainment i.e. movies, manga, comics, games, novels


IP Development Partnerships with best digital media technology companies to produce products i.e. games and animations


IP Commercialization Self publish or co-publish to regional markets and platforms

Strong IP enriches irresistible gameplay that drives excellent ROI

This is the cornerstone of FingerMotion, Inc. business model and vision. FM’s leadership team’s global experience in every aspect of game development and commercialization led to this game-changing model:

Enable the people with great stories – IP holders to realize the potential of their tales from movies, books, manga and comics – through their adaptation and use in high quality video games

Design, develop and/or co-develop branded products with this IP but without R&D risks that deliver a stellar game experience by partnering with studios whose team members have produced some of the world’s most successful games. Gamers are growing increasingly sophisticated and demand games that engage them on all levels.

Apply proprietary game play improvement technology and proven expertise in multi-platform as well as mobile publishing, and localizing content and payment in local currencies, to make the most engaging, most affordable game play available to everyone on the world on any device

Connection is at the heart of our business. We connect great stories with top talent and maintain creative control over product development to create branded products with irresistible gameplay that connects gamers with each other and investors with ROI. It’s why we say we play to connect.


The FingerMotion, Inc. story, like the golden age of video games, is just beginning first in the Asia Pacific, then region by region, the world.